The CenX token will have the effect of creating motivation for token owners to hold their tokens for longer periods of time. Creating a Stable and liquid base for Centralex, affording the team the means to continue developing more innovative crypto-based solutions for many years to come. The CenX token (CenX) has utility, staking rewards, and governance built-in.

Blockchain base: Ethereum ERC-20 Token
Token Provider: Centralex Group Corporation
Token Capacity: 500,000,000 tokens
Abbreviation: CENX
Pre-sale pricing: $0.03

Initial Product Offering: 500,000,000 CenX

Reserved 55% ILO $ UniSwap Liquidity Pool 275,000,000 CenX
Reserved 5.5% Community Airdrop 27,500,000 CenX
Reserved 25% Founders & Team 125,000,000 CenX
Reserved 5% Bounty Program 25,000,000 CenX
Reserved 9.5% Legal & Marketing 47,500,000 CenX


After the private sale has been concluded, there will be an additional 27.5% of the tokens listed on the UniSwap public exchange. These tokens will be available immediately for trading. In order to ensure there is liquidity in the UniSwap trading pool, Centralex will commit up to 60% of all raised funds from the private presale to be allocated to the liquidity pool created on UniSwap. UniSwap is a tried and trusted DeFi platform. This solution addresses the liquidity problem we highlighted earlier.

As a part of our journey and to ensure the safety of our smart contracts, Centralex contracted to perform a security audit.