What information and data do we collect about you

Personal information, or data, which we collect refers to any information which can be used to identify a person. We collect, use, store and transfer the following personal information and data:

2.1 Identity Information

(i) full name [first, middle and last name], (ii) date of birth, (iii) visual face image [Selfie], (iv) username, and (v) government issued Identity document, and/or Passport

2.2 Contact information

(i) telephone number, (ii) email Address, and (iii) home address [proof of physical address],

2.3 Profile information

(i) username and password, (ii) requests for services made by you, (iii) any interaction or communication between you and CENTRALEX, and (iv) profile personal preferences.

2.4 Usage information

i) we collect any information relating to how you use our Site and Services.

2.5 Technical information

(i) personal IP address, (ii) geolocation data, (iii) browser type, (iv) session and persistent cookie preferences, (v) date and time access, and (vi) operating systems and platform;

2.6 Transactional information

(i) details relating to any transactions which took place using any of CENTRALEX’S Services, and (ii) details regarding payments made or received by you.

2.7 Communication information

(i) details relating to your preferences regarding any marketing information received from us and your direct communication preferences.

In order for you to proceed with your account registration and to allow you to begin to utilize our Services, you will need to provide specific consent for the requested formal identity information to undergo identity verification and screening for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Fraud, Counter-Terrorist Financing (CTF) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. This verification and screening process will be conducted by our approved 3rd party. If you refuse to provide consent you be not be able to complete your account registration, therefore the account will be closed, and you will not be able to use any of CENTRALEX’S Services.

CENTRALEX does not collect or request any special categories of personal information or data including race or ethnicity, trade union membership, political opinion, beliefs, sexual orientation or any information relating to your health.

All additional non-required information that you provide to us will be done so voluntarily.

Failure to provide any of the required information may lead to us not being able to engage in any further dealings, at which point you will be notified of this and we may be required to close your account.

How do we co