Crypto to Crypto Trading and Orders Process

Once you have successfully applied and completed your account application and registration (which includes successfully completing our AML/CTF and KYC checks) you will be able to access the CENTRALEX Exchange (‘Exchange”) via your CENTRALEX Account. You will have access to the Exchange as per our prescribed operating times. Please note during periods of unforeseen downtime which are due to forces outside of CENTRALEX’S control you will not have access to the Exchange, there will also be no access to the Exchange during (i) planned maintenance, (ii) Emergency maintenance, and (iii) during any other period where CENTRALEX deems that the suspension of Exchange services is necessary.

When you have placed an order (sent an instruction) through your account on the Exchange, your account will immediately be updated to reflect the open order. Once your order matches another users order, the order (‘Transaction”) will be executed. Upon the completion of the Transaction, your account will be updated immediately and reflect that your order has fully executed and closed. Take note that once an order has matched you will not be able to cancel the order.

In the scenario where your order has only been partially matched, your order shall remain open until it is fully executed. The partial execution of your order will immediately reflect on your account. If you wish to cancel such an order you may only request to cancel the unmatched portion of the open order. If the remaining portion of your order is matched before the cancellation request you will not be able to cancel the portion of the order and the Transaction will be fully executed.

Please take note that you may only cancel orders which have not been matched in any way.

Orders submitted by you are required to be within the predetermined minimum and maximum values (these values may be periodically adjusted), with this you are also required to have an available balance of the selected Crypto Asset in your account to be able to submit an order (this balance must be sufficient to cover the total value of the order and any applicable fees). You agree that once an order has been completed it cannot be reversed. 

CENTRALEX reserves the right to reject or cancel Orders made and/or pending during downtime. Certain deposit or withdrawal requests for both Crypto Assets and fiat currency may not be processed outside of normal operating hours. 

Orders may be subject to delays, difficulties, and/or conditions affecting transmission or execution of Orders over which CENTRALEX has no control, including, but not limited to, mechanical or electronic failure or market congestion. We are not liable for any delays, difficulties or conditions adversely affecting the transmission or execution of Orders. CENTRALEX shall not be liable for any refunds as a result of the technical issues outlined above. 

If an order request is deemed to be suspicious, we reserve the right to suspend the order (“Transaction”) as we may require additional confirmation from you prior to the execution of the order.

Your conduct on the CENTRALEX Exchange is expected to be in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and the Exchange Platform Rules.