On the CENTRALEX Exchange you may be eligible to take part in various staking programmes on certain selected Crypto Assets. By taking part in any staking programme made available to you, you may receive a rewards, also known as “Staking Rewards”. In order to take part in a staking programme you will required to hold a certain amount of a selected Crypto Asset which is eligible for staking, and you will also be required to lock up the Crypto Asset for pre-determined time period in order to be eligible to earn Staking Rewards. You hereby agree and understand that (i) CENTRALEX does not guarantee any rewards or proceeds under any Staking programme, (ii) all potential Staking Rewards are only estimates, (iii) there is no guarantee that a specific Crypto Asset will be able to be staked, or that staked Crypto Asset will continue to be staked, (iv) and, that CENTRALEX reserves the right at its sole discretion and without any prior notice to you to make amendments to or terminate any staking programme.