System Operations

System disruptions and malfunctions

We reserve the right to reverse and/or cancel one or more Orders in the event of (i) any system disruption or malfunction in the operation of any electronic communications, trading facilities, storage facilities, recording mechanisms or other components of or integral to CENTRALEX or of Crypto Assets, (ii) any other severe business disruption to CENTRALEX, its systems or Crypto Assets, where the nullification of transactions may be necessary for the maintenance of a fair and orderly market or the protection of you and the public interest. 

If such a disruption or malfunction occurs, our Chief Executive Officer, President and (or their designees), or others as may be designated by our Board of Directors, may review such Orders and declare such Orders arising out of the operation of CENTRALEX during such period null and void. 

Absent extraordinary circumstances, any such action of the Chief Executive Officer, President and (or their designees), or the designees of the Board of Managers, pursuant to this paragraph will be taken within three (3) business days of detection of the erroneous transaction or disruption or malfunction. We will notify you if you are involved in any such event as soon as practicable. 

Systems not guaranteed

CENTRALEX uses commercially reasonable efforts to provide the trading service. From time to time, interruptions, errors or other deficiencies in service may occur due to a variety of factors, some of which are outside the control of CENTRALEX. These factors can contribute to delays or errors in service or system outages. 

In no event will we, or our affiliates, be liable to you or others for any damages, direct, indirect, consequential or special, including, without limitation, all losses, costs, expenses, loss of profits, loss of business revenue or failure to realize expected savings arising from or out of the existence, furnishing, or functioning of CENTRALEX, or any act or omission in connection with your accessing CENTRALEX. 

We are not liable by reason of acting or failing to act due to an error in an Order request actually received by us, or as a result of an Order request not being received by us. We, or our affiliates, are not responsible for any losses, damages or personal injury that any person suffers as a result of you accessing CENTRALEX.